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AT10 /AT10II transmitter VUP download

AT10 / AT10II online upgrade


AT10/AT10II Firmware Upgrade Guidance


1. Identify the transmitter version 

  There are two leds on the transmitter: Red and Green. They will start flashing once the transmitter is power on and connected with the computer via a USB cable.


a. If the red and green led flashes in turn, it means the mother board is the previous version, which is neither compatible with WIN8 nor WIN10 nor MAC. Users can only upgrade with the system of WIN 7 or XP. So please choose the firmware file with .bin at the end.


b. If the red and green led flashes synchronously, t means the mother board is the current version, which is compatible with WIN8 or WIN10 or MAC. Users can choose the firmware file with .mac at the end to upgrade.


2. Format the original firmware, copy and paste the latest firmware and disconnect the USB cable

Note: The two LEDs are always on during the copy process. Once the LEDs start flashing, the copy is done.


The latest AT10(AT10II) version  V1.3.7 firmware upgrade on Sept. 27, 2017.


Download of bin_af90_V1.3.7 .(AT12S).mac  :!NZ9VSbKJ!j74qjMyzx5mgx-1BypvxbLfkxXHmBCYwY2jbHsXhC4I


Download of bin_af90_V1.3.7 .(AT12S).bin :!Jd0TWaza!kQb350oUHn92qbWJol0SWm3fkvBlWzl8qk2Qg-c0ebc



1. ADD: Add Throttle Position alarm funtion, transmitter will warning if throttle is not at the lowest position when power on.
You can setup  Throttle Position alarm funtion on or off in SYSTEM menu



The latest AT10(AT10II) version  V1.3.0 firmware upgrade on Sept. 7, 2017.


Download of bin_3c57_V1.3.0 .(AT12S).mac  :!tB1yDIib!IyG0A5bBs2iYf-xFJl-GHlexnASvkqjraLQ6PVRuYXs


Download of bin_3c57_V1.3.0 .(AT12S).bin :!lE1mzDJJ!4oSro5cC7t99aMWPIHQwkwcswPmx16lfayMA8pN6jvA



1. Improved: Joysticks adds more filtering.
2. Add: Add CAR and BOAT model type.
3. Add: AT10/AT10II will alarm if throttle do not at the bottom when power on.
4. Add: RSSI signal strength pass through on a spare channel, can setup CH5 to CH12 as the RSSI signal output channel.
5. Change: the RSSI signal strength display change from figure to percent, 100% show the strongest RSSI signal.



The latest AT10(AT10II) version  V1.1.6 firmware upgrade on Mar.2, 2017.


Download of bin_779b_V1.1.6 .(AT12S).mac  :!kZd3XIIR!Lc9NheehTxV9amBJMkUNG1KK56sT4Ecjj_oWT__iqPU

Download of bin_779b_V1.1.6 .(AT12S).bin :!FJkmAKyI!D08EykPPe_k_ymta7-VzJ5EOwk-Q9bs7XfxNQ_z2vVQ



1. Improve low battery voltage alarm.




The latest AT10(AT10II) version  V1.1.5 _779b_firmware upgrade on Jan 16, 2017.


Download of bin_779b_V1.1.5 .(AT12S).mac  :!gdkmxS5J!9gevOBPuqIarzJTvFDEAdld6cqtAcgFr6ubZ7KbX61w  

Download of bin_779b_V1.1.5 .(AT12S).bin :!QdsgmYIC!MPD4Z4cdzHDSQaxIOGFc4UHbD6dbZtQ7j4AuDVwRtxo



1. Add: ACROBASIC model add "ATTITUDE" menu

2. Add:all the models add SERVO-DLY function


Attention: AT10 upgrade firmware only work with windows7 and XP now.


The latest AT10(AT10II) version  V1.1.2 _8bc5_firmware upgrade on Nov 17, 2016.


Download of bin_8bc5_V1.1.2 .(AT12S).mac  :!Yct2wDyI!xWExiek1wwT0a6C3pBmu1a49wbC6mklOk70oHoPnnTU

Download of bin_8bc5_V1.1.2 .(AT12S).bin :!IcVkzT5B!O-xjcmeDBcGV032j0uwuLhOklfx408saZaoW9sHe-VE



1. Default 3:THRO is 0% in F/S menu.

2. The voltage information will feedback by PRM-01 if use both telemetry module PRM-01 and PRM-02, no need to use power module. 




The version V1.0.9 _f53d_firmware upgrade on July 11, 2016.

Download of bin_f53d_V1.0.9 .mac :!VVVh3DpA!UznXLVKfW6eaRt9NsCjlKn6z_wTFjJadZPZz6s445rk

Download of bin_f53d_V1.0.9 .bin   :!lZFCiZDB!uG22693N3OO5myAq1Rze4X18kocVtK6kZxImudTRxxM




Attention: After uprade this firmware, if use R10D, please set the EPA of CH9 and CH10 to 140/140.


 1. Improve the problem that OSD info telemetry module feedback the wrong RISE information.


 2. END POINT(EPA) menu add CH9 and CH10.


 3. SUB-TRIM menu add CH9 and CH10.


 4. REVERSE menu add CH9 and CH10.


 5. ATTITUDE menu of AIRCRAFT add CH9 and CH10.


 6. AUX-CH menu, CH9 and CH10 can set up all the switches to control.


 7. Improve the problem that low RSSI but not alarm.




The version V1.0.7(OSD) firmware upgrade on Jan.7,2016.


Download of V1.0.7(OSD) :!NZNTSRJZ!kC_eqBmGUmu2MCqe0Jsq3aZeqrzxwa_KE_RMJzBuRHE





2.Add TX-TRIM, RX-TRIM, EXT-TRIM, low RSSI alarm setting function, BACKCOLOR change, radio turn off alarm function(SHUTDOWN max time can be set 255 minutes, transmitter will alarm if all the switches, sticks, buttons have not pushed in the time you have setting, alarm will stop when you push any switch or stick or button) in SYSTEM menu.


3.Add servo test function in SERVO MENU.


4.Change the minimum TRIM from 1 to 0, equal to turn off trim if setup 0.




The  version V1.0.6(OSD) upgraded on Dec1st,2015


Download of V1.0.6(OSD):!BB1DxLhJ!TMy3oTignpnEoUOldZMRSgISRS7nxNMK4gCnm7eOIIc



1. Support OSD telemetry module info menu:
2. OSD telemetry sensor: PRM-02
3.OSD Telemetry module transmits the data from the flight controller and shows the data of SPEED, RISE, THRO, VOLT, LATI, LONG, ALT, GPS, RSSI, MODE, YAW, ROLL, PITC, DIST in the display screen of AT10.




The version upgraded on May 19th,2015


Download of V1.0.5:!hEFHHDhR!TEnk7d6TRuFzv72n1nkKglwdI-2uuMbCcvv5GNtcbPY



1.Add: all the three-way switches and VR switches default at the central position when AUX-CH undefined;

2.Improve OFFSET not being at the central position when PROG.MIX NASTER set up CH4.