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AT9 / AT9S 9CH transmitter VUP download

AT9/AT9S File includes:

1. Guidance of how to install driver and use tool to update firmware

2. Driver

3. Tool to update firmware!0RtiiCbY!wmbFrzTxUvhhFzZuCccbwjDxT5DnW4vlcdwBuisvTVI

Note: Please be kindly noted that the firmwares by factory setting are the fundamental ones that can realize all basic controls. The firmware version of AT9S is V1.2.9 by factory setting.
Users can flash the latest firmwares depending on the actual needs.
It’s NOT beacause Radiolink is selling the old version products in stock.



AT9 / AT9S Firmware Upgrade V1.7.8 (AT12S)_a36f.dfu is updated on May 15, 2018


Download of  V1.7.8 (AT12S)_a36f..dfu:!kMly2AiB!ihGbJeEGpaU7jW9l4s7v5uG2R2MdpvLMiMWt0ABzWjI




ADD: TRAINER function add two mode, that is TRIGGER or HOLD mode.


A. Traditional HOLD Mode: You must always keep pushing the trainer switch(SWH) to make the drone controlled by instructor transmitter. If you loosen the SWH, it will switch to controlled by student transmitter.

B. Brand New ALT Mode: HOLD mode will make the instructor tired after a long-time course. You just need to push the trainer switch(SWH) once to make the drone controlled by instructor transmitter (do not need to push the SWH all the time to turn on the trainer function). Push the SWH once again to switch to make the drone controlled by student transmitter.

The main interface shows “TRAINER” and the red LED blinking when trainer function turns on, the red LED always on when trainer function turns off.




AT9 / AT9S Firmware Upgrade V1.6.6 (AT12S)_821c.dfu is updated on Sept.7,2017


Download of  V1.6.6 (AT12S)_821c.dfu:!JUFECZxT!bNvAWrA3eKLLFNlyRVdDCUhc4GLJv-_kVgHTxhT7was




1. Improved: Joysticks adds more filtering.
2. Add: AT9/AT9S will alarm if throttle do not at the bottom when power on.
3. Add: RSSI signal strength pass-through on a spare channel, can setup CH5 to CH12 as the RSSI signal output channel.
4. Change: the RSSI signal strength display change from figure to percent, 100% show the strongest RSSI signal.


AT9 Firmware Upgrade Diver Document Download——June 6,2015


AT9 remote control upgrade driver for WIN7/WIN8/WIN10/XP system:!VNl2BAAC!_PdH-5oYouiUfOqPsKpitUEU3aojILqsy6ACECjGAmM  


 Firmware upgraded for PC (XP system) download:!IAVxDBQB!I-VgEP_itf_vIYQyaRIA5KrnEl5iCE6FExulTeecEmc   


 Firmware upgraded for PC (WIN7/WIN8/WIN10 system) download:!VINQSLhQ!VH95bRDqQymm6OatT7N_1BpWh3W_9dTB7m6cD0Q5gNE       



AT9 / AT9S Firmware Upgrade V1.5.6 (AT12S)_531c.dfu is updated on Mar.2 ,2017


Download of  V1.5.6 (AT12S)_531c.dfu:!dB0jQbpY!bK_tIZ4L3zVnaKnkU7mABRYgcthB_PUYHF60otn6_-w



1. Improve low battery voltage alarm.


Version V1.5.1 (USB)_5d35.dfu is updated on Oct.. 13 ,2016

AT9 / AT9S Firmware Upgrade V1.5.1 (USB)_5d35.dfu


Download of  V1.5.1 (USB)_5d35.dfu:!JItn0IbR!Qu93818vUMXA-4Vaj5YEnhKb9VQgNmpVk6MoX5bG2Js  


1. Keep the hinting time that shows RSSI is NULL when miss signal from 1S delay to 3.6S.

2. Improve the problem that CH1 shake by accident.




Version V1.3.9(USB) is updated on June. 3rd ,2016


AT9 Firmware Upgrade v1_1_3_9(USB)


Download of V1.3.9 (USB):!Zd8klbZA!rvFsGyxtZmihcZI6-bCZL47tBTm6OW88v37h7Qxzgf4

Specification of V1.3.9 (USB) :!IMsTHZyD!VTOv2Jlvgmzx1fjyNQFb93cYaMTHNiH_mUQC3_rjxyc


Improvement: fixed the servo jitters when using trainer function.





AT9 Firmware Upgrade  V_1_2_6(OSD)——  Dec. 1st ,2015


Specification of V1.2.6(OSD):!0R9GEboJ!sXb52TmHrVaXyibaA2FEHrfzuEbJslEnqFgQ1UE43qs

Download of V1.2.6(OSD):!RMMXHLZZ!F-GP7X7VKu21vrIiu_ziOVz9k1KfoZ0bnSiSEQ4ElOk  


1. It make you get RSSI signal warning when you get out of range.You can set it up yourself by how much strength it must warn.

2. Also screen colour can be chosen between black and white (setup in the SYSTEM of BASIC MENU), and added chanal aux 9 and 10 to it so can setup the endpoints and can reverse them.

3. Add OSD informations(SPEED, RISE, THRO, VOLT, LATI, LONG, ALT, GPS, RSSI, MODE, YAW, ROLL, PITC, DIST in the display screen of AT9 or AT10, need OSD telemetry module which compatible with PIX, APM; setup in the RECEIVE of BASIC MENU).





The latest version V1.1.8 is updated on Mar. 25th,2015


AT9 Firmware Upgrade V1.1.8


Specification of V1.1.8:!wUNmSYoK!qQ7Dw9GYoXJyT7c1s2j-aJ-hwAyGUCpUDaBdoAITBeI

Download of V1.1.8:!xFsVAJyT!GzeKN-jnJidxfrSuROv6_VMGzUvkhUUJUmvzJtCbLjE


1.Improve the no display of the English screen lock sign when Traditional Chinese characters are added in V1.1.7;

2.Improve EPA algorithm;

3.Improve STK’s data storage of THRO CURV;

4.Improve STK’s data storage of PITCH CURVE; 5.Improve setting fails of MIX functional data under Training mode. When in MIX mode, the first time of PUSH is data setting and the second is mode changing.