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  • Name: Radiolink R10D 10-CH 2.4GHz DSSS Receiver
  • Code: IV: R10D

Product Picture

Product Features


R10D, 2.4G 10channel receiver, DSSS and use for Radiolink TX AT9 and AT10.


1. DSSS technique, super anti-interference

2. RX voltage and signal strength telemetry, extensional sensor for EP, Temperature, RPM, GPS etc.

3. All 10channel needs 3ms to response parallel

4. Section precision 4096, stable the servo, rudder shaking free

5. HV input up to 10V



Technical Parameters



1. Channel: 10channel.

2. Max input voltage: 10V

3. Current: 38-48mA (voltage 5V)

4. Size: L×W×H=50×32×15