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  • Name: Radiolink R6D 6-CH 2.4GHz DSSS
  • Code: IV: R6D

Product Picture

Product Features

R6D ---------2.4GHz 3.9g sub miniature dual mode output receiver R6D




R6D is the newest and smallest 6 channels receiver of Radiolink.


R6D can output PPM and PWM double signals simultaneously, powered with DSSS frequency-hopping technology and is compatible with the controllers AT9 and AT10.


※ R6D redefined dual signal mode----in an evolution way of R9D that PWM and S.BUS output simultaneously, it provides operating modes PWM and PPM signal output.


      Two operating modes output:


 1) PWM output, 6 channels totally.


 2) PPM output, CH1 output PPM signal for 10 channels, and channel 2 to channel 6 output independent PWM signal simultaneously.


※ All channels response parallel, totally 3ms.


※ Specially used for light drones, compatible with all flight controllers such as DJI NAZA, ZERO TECH, PIX, APM, MINI APM, NAZE32, and CC3D etc.


※ One single cable connect with the flight controller, easy setting.


※ Totally weights 3.9 grams, never burden to your drones.


 ※ Sub miniature size, best choice for light drones.


Product Feature:


1.DSSS act perfect on anti interference, especially on 433 and graph transmission.


2. Output by PPM and PWM double signals simultaneously.


3. Signal strength telemetry.


4. Top speed response, 3ms for all channels parallel.


5. Top precision 4096, 0.25us every bit insure every servo stable.


6. MAX voltage input is 6V.


7. MINI size, easy installation.



Technical Parameters



1. Channels: Red LED indicator is for PWM mode. Blue LED for PPM, can be extended to 10channels


2. Power input: MAX 6V


3. Control distance: 600 meters air, or even farther beyond your sight


4. Current consumption: 38-45mA (Input voltage:5V)


5. Size: L×W×H=25×16×11mm


6. Weight: 3.9 grams


7. Precision: 4096