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  • Name: RadioLink T4EU-6 2.4GHz 6channels remote control system
  • Code: II: T4EU-6

Product Picture

Product Features

Receiver: R7EH-S

 1.It is very comfortable to control the transmitter stick, it makes the flight very smooth.

 2. Regarding to plane, the transmitter gets V-Tail mixing controlling function.

 3. RF range: on ground 350M, in air 700M. Excellent anti-interference capability.

 4. It got low-voltage alert function; the alert would be triggered with twinkling LED light when the voltage is lower than 8.6V.

 5.Model type: fixed wing and multi-copter.

 6.Operating system: 2-stick, 1 & 2 channel mixing optional.

 7.Automatic frequency spectrum hopping while power on, wireless code matching.

 8.High anti-interference capability. High suppression radio of adjacent channels.

Totally comply with FCC & CE standards.

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Technical Parameters

 1.Transmitting on 2.4 GHz band.

 2.Size: 170*85*200mm

 3.Weight: 0.51kg

 4.Modulation: FHSS

 5.Power supply: 9.6V Ni-Cd battery or 12V alkaline battery.

 6.Current drain:<80mA

 7. Receiver: R7EH-S(S-BUS, PPM and PWM signal working at the same time)

PWM signal mode: Green LED, output 7 channels PWM signal.

SBUS/PPM signal mode: Both red and green LED on, CH1 output SBUS signal, CH2 output PPM signal, CH3 to CH7 output PWM signal at the same time.

 8.Control distance: 350 meters ground and 700 meters air, the actual control distance depends on the flying environment.