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  • Name: Radiolink 8CH receiver R8EH
  • Code: IV: R8EH

Product Picture

Product Features

R8EH, 2.4G 8 channels receiver, FHSS use for Radiolink T8FB, support S-BUS, PPM and PWM signal at the same time.

How to match code with transmitter:

 1.Place the transmitter and the receiver close to each other within 1 meters.

 2.Turn on the transmitter, then give power to receiver.

 3.Connect CH3(R8EH) to ESC.

 4.There is a black button near the antenna, hold the ID SET switch of the receiver one second and release, receiver light start blinking, it will automatically find the nearest transmitter to bind, after about 8 times blinking, match code success when receiver signal LED on!

Fail safe:

 When receiver can't receive signal from transmitter within 1 second, receiver will output signal:throttle zero, other channels keep the last signal from transmitter.


 FHSS, follows the technology of wireless spread spectrum used by T7F, makes it possible highly superior and strong multi-path anti-interference and the same band anti-interference ability. 


Technical Parameters

1. Channel: 8CH

2. Operating voltage: max 10V.

3. Operating current: 19-25mA(input voltage 5V)

4. Size: 48.5*21*11mm

5. Weight: 7g

6. Section precision: 4096

7. Signal output: S-BUS, PPM and PWM

PWM signal mode: Green LED, output 8 channel PWM signal.

SBUS/PPM signal mode: Both red and green LED on, CH1 output S-BUS signal, CH2 output PPM signal, CH3 to CH8 output PWM signal at the same time.