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  • Name: 2.4GHz 7CH Digital Reciver
  • Code: IV: R7EH

Product Picture

Product Features


R7EH, 2.4G 7channel receiver, FHSS use for Radiolink TX T4EU, T4EU-6, T6EHP-E, T6EHP-S and T7F.


How to match code with transmitter: First turn on the transmitter, then give power to receiver, there is a black button near the antenna, use a thin stick press the butten two sencond and release, receiver light start blinking, after about 8 times blinking, match code success!

Fail safe: when receiver can't receive signal from transmitter within 1 second, receiver will output singal:throttle zero, other channels keep the last signal from transmitter.

FEATURE:FHSS, nice anti-interference.



Technical Parameters


1. Channel: 7CH

2. Max input voltage: 5.5V

3. Size: L×W×H: 50×24×15 Weight: 11.4g

4. Current: 19-25mA (voltage 5V)