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RC4GS & RC6GS Firmware upgrade

RC4GS Firmware upgrade:!VENWnKQD!Ktx7prL7BQtXgENirfMi1cOLG-0P4RnHu-fQwJXtw0I


RC6GS Firmware upgrade:!lJdiQQ7T!B4Pyy2-WsLVj9JjzEqpUxFkpB0EarGtnaO2AF0rtF9o


1.Programmable Dual Mix Control,Infinite Use

Enjoy all twin-engine ship/car models (incl. Crawlers)
USB port within reach easily upgrade the latest firmware to support programmable dual mix control setup



2.USB Upgrade

Only a android USB cable needed, latest firmware can be obtained effortlessly with the most advanced system and program.


3.Programmable Dual Mix Control


Any two channels can be mixed and
programmed and variables are adjustable, handy!